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Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday
9am to 11am then 2.30pm to 5pm

Welcome to Cleland Gunsmithing & Engineering.

Based in Hamilton, owned and operated by Arthur Cleland (NCGM. FSG) with 45 years experience in gunsmithing and engineering.

Using modern gunsmithing and engineering equipment combined with 45 years of expertise you are assured top quality workmanship and service guaranteed.

We are a licensed firearms dealer and also sell a wide range of reloading supplies and firearm accessories.
bullet ** Licensed firearms dealer **
bullet Full gunsmithing & engineering service.
bullet Custom built rifles to order for Hunting, Varmint, Target shooting.
bullet Full Range of Target and Hunting Optics.
bullet Rebarelling a speciality with quality MAB, Shilen and Douglas barrels.
bullet Shotgun Repairs and Modifications.
bullet Wide range of chamber reamers.
bullet Wide range of reloading supplies.
bullet Bullets - Sierra, Hornady, Nosler, Berger, Barnes.
bullet ADI & Winchester powders.
bullet Federal primers.
bullet Winchester Brass.
bullet Reloading dies, presses & accessories.
bullet Ammunition Sales.  
bullet Cleaning equipment - solvents, rods etc.
bullet Expert Witness and Legal Evidence and Insurance Quoting Services.